#1 Location matters

When looking for a hotel in Saigon, you should determine what activities or places available in the local area that suit your desire. For that reason, we suggest you to find an accommodation that is near the city center (District 1 & 3) since this area is always vibrant and full of convenience.

District 2 and 7 would also be highly recommended, since there are many foreigner communities occupying those districts. If you’re planning on a long-term stay or wishing to become an expat, then district 2 and 7 are best of the choices.

#2 Check on-site room details and amenities

It is important to note all information about the room rate, size, view, interior amenities, deposit policy beforehand.

Also, details such as extra bed, children policy should also be aware of. Pay attention to the room description since there might be slight differences depending on what hotel you choose.

#3 Rating and price

Agoda, Expedia, Traveloka, Airbnb,,, are recommended websites for good hotel deals and unbias, genuine reviews.

Some low-cost hotel chains that you can stick to: OYO, RedDoorz, etc.

#3 Promotions

Keeping track of promotions is a common way to get a good deal

In Vietnam, there are 2 seasons: low season, high season, each area will have a different time for the high and the low season so that you can get a lower price when it comes to low season. Traveling in low season, you might get free-upgrade for your room.

Room booking in advance (Early Bird) is another way to save your cost. This policy of each hotel varies from 7 days to 1 month or more.

In some occasions, last minute booking also gets a promotional price.

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