We all know that the cuisine of our country is hugely diverse and vibrant, with a traditional beauty that indeed became the national heritage that is recognized and honored by the world. It has lots of natural features like sociability, robust in flavor with a combination of various spices. Notably, in Vietnam, there are differences between features of 3 region cuisine: the North, the Central, and the South. We found that this point is the most interested at all. 

A. The North of Vietnam cuisine:

The Northern people love foods that have a frugal taste; the cuisine is known as precious sometimes and colorful.

►Factors lead to features of cuisine:

 Have you ever wonder why foods of the North have particular points like that. Now, I will give you some factors that lead to the features of Northern cuisine.


+The nature ( geographic, weather, etc.) central part

+ The land for cultivation is quite narrow, and the population is crowded because it is the capital through many ages, so the eating of the people in the North, especially the pure farmers, is quite simple and suffering.

+ Climate has four distinct seasons. Each season has its specialties of temperate and tropical regions. That makes food is changed of each season to be more suit 

+There are more than 20 ethnic minorities live and preserving their own identity, and that creates an abundant and diversity culture.


  • First, people in the North always prefer natural and fresh food; besides that, the taste is not too spicy, sweet, or fatty. It is just frugal, mild, and robust taste enough to enjoy.

Ex: Rice noodle soup (Phở) in the North is cooked in classic style, the broth is bright and sweet because of using cow bones. Besides that, it also has lots of MSG(bột ngọt) and when it was served, it usually just use with chili sauce or some kumquats, Braised fish sauce (use fermented cold rice(mẻ), not use lemon because mẻ makes your stomach much better).


  • Dishes have diversity in cooking as spices are used together. Primarily, almost dishes use what fish sauce and shrimp pasty to be accompanying spices are famous; it appears in almost meals. And it is famous; we can see that it seems to be the main ingredient of the dish “bún đậu mắm tôm” by the name. Look at this food; it shows us the point that people in the North usually decorate dishes colorfully. The green of vegetables, white rice noodles, yellow of fried tofu, and purple of shrimp pasty. Because they want to make, they look exciting and also highlighting, moreover, exciting dishes can stimulate the taste of people.
  • Next, there are some rural dishes but extremely unique like dog meat( it is always eaten with apricot leaves ( lá mơ) when people drink beer or alcohol. Dog meat is hot and undigested, but apricot leave can solve that problem — not only of good taste. And many years ago, people eat this food a lot, but now there are not much), blood pudding (fresh blood of pig or duck) , thịt đông( eat with hot rice in the winter), Chả rươi ( is made from rươi, one of the insects). 

In almost daily meals have lots of vegetables and freshwater aquatic products that easy to find, and fish is a familiar dish, also an expression of hospitality.

Ex: eggplant(cà pháo), bindweed(rau muống) usually appear in the Northern people’ repast. Especially, jute soup and crab ( Canh Cua rau đay).

*** That is the Northern cuisine, it is not too magnificent, brilliant, but full of emotion like an art poem.

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