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Starting from the desire of learning not only from books but also from actual experiences, we – the tourism students of Hoa Sen University join in the project learning with senior students to attend guest speakers’ sharing, cultural events, explore places, communicate with different cultures to learn as much as we can while studying at the academy. Saigon Corners, a project-based learning method facilitate our activities as volunteer travel companions. The name Saigon Corners speaks of us: city locals share familiar daily life’s charms and vibrance to our international fellows. 

The interesting thing about it is that you have a truthful friend in an exotic country who is willing to lead you through lively alleys and colorful corners. 

For those who are looking for a local buddy volunteer who knows the city to walk with you the alleys or to carry you on the back of their motorbike around corners to discover local life, colorful cultures and delicious dishes in the most genuine way, then come to us – come to Saigon Corners!

With all our enthusiasm, we hope to bring authentic experiences through our products to international fellows who want to join in the new but familiar journey.


We are the non-profit organization formed by students of Hoa Sen University. We promise to bring unique experiences for international fellows through historical, cultural and human perspectives in the most honest way. Together we strive to be the top “free trip” organization in Ho Chi Minh city. We create the environment which helps students to improve their applied kills, practice English and nurture their dream to  succeed in tourism industry.

Value:   Share City with Love ( S.C.W.L)

  • Share the city of Saigon from our own knowledge and experiences
  • Create lasting memories
  • Feel the genuine hospitality of local people
  • Love every moment together

Here in Saigon Corners we are not your tour guides. We don’t do this for money. We’re your local friends. When you receive favors from us, you do not owe us anything, but you owe Saigon many things.

We, Saigon Corners

 Colorful, Lively, Authentic, are local students ready to share this beloved city and exciting experiences with you.