Why we have to fill in the weight category?

Because in some trips we travel by motorbikes so we have to account that information in order to provide a suitable buddy and motorbike.

Can I change the trip that I have chosen?

You have to call us immediately if you would like to change your decision (cannot change the trip 3 hours before departure time)

How can I book a trip?

You can book a trip by clicking the link “Book Now” in “Corners to discover” page and fill in the form, after that we will contact with you to confirm the trip (or you can call us for advice).

Is there any limitation in the number of people in a trip?

Yes. Each trip can take about 1- 6 people and depending on our availability buddy.

Can I know in advance the route of the trip?

Yes. The itinerary is shown on the website in each trip at “Corners to discover” page.

Can I know the information (phone number) of the buddy in case I get lost?

You will have all information of your buddy when you meet them.